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📅 Qualification Period 📅

The qualification starts 3rd April 2023 and ends 1st April 2024. During that period fencers accumulate points in their respective categories through various competitions.

🏆 Distinct Qualification Categories

The qualification process is conducted separately for each fencing category, ensuring a diverse and competitive representation at the Olympic Games.

👥 Team Qualification

The top 4 teams in each category secure their qualification based on the highest accumulated points from the following competitions:

  • Senior Team World Cup Competitions
  • Senior Team World Championships
  • Senior Team Continental Championships

Additionally, the highest-ranked team from each FIE zone (ranked 5th to 16th) in each category will also qualify. If a zone does not have a team within these ranks, the next highest ranked team, irrespective of zone, earns the qualification.

⭐ Individual Qualification

The top 6 fencers in each category, excluding those from already qualified nations, will earn their spots, distributed as follows:

  • 🟦 2 from Europe
  • 🟥 2 from Asia-Oceania
  • 🟩 1 from America
  • 🟨 1 from Africa

They are selected based on points accumulated in Individual Grand Prix, Individual Senior World Cup, Satellite Competitions, Individual Senior World Championships, and Individual Senior Continental Championships.

🗺 Zonal Qualification

After the conclusion of the qualification period, the Zonal Qualifying Tournament offers fencers in each category one final opportunity to secure their spots. Only one fencer from each nation that has neither a qualified team nor individual in the respective category can participate. The winner of each Zonal Qualifying Tournament in each category will earn a place in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

This webpage provides a simplified explanation of the Olympic Fencing Qualification criteria for Paris 2024. For the official and detailed qualification criteria, please refer to the official documents provided by FIE: